About Us

After many years of experience in project management and ICT consultancy (IBM, Belgacom, KPN Belgium, Sibelga...), we decided to start our own ICT consultancy firm (Information & Communication Technology): Spir-IT. Founded in December 2007, its main purpose is to provide consultancy services in project management for large firms of Bel20 and CAC40 (Carrefour, GDF Suez, Electrabel, Euroclear).

Through the technology monitoring services provided ​​to these large firms, focused on communications and automation in buildings, we realized the many incredible possibilities of home automation. After having renovated many houses, in parallel, we decided to put our skills in IT, telecommunications and project management into the service of home automation, something we’ve been passionate about for the past many years.

Given our industrial engineering degree, we have direct certification as electricians. In addition to our ICT skills, we’ve decided to undergo many courses and certifications in Belgium and France in order to stay abreast of the latest technological innovations in the field of home automation.

Through word-of-mouth, our first projects came quickly: residential and commercial renovation...

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