Flawless Home Automation Systems = Our Services

With the evolution of our lifestyle and the advent of new technologies, the electrical equipment of a building can now communicate with each other. This is called home automation.

Home automation is the integration of electronic technologies, information and telecommunications allowing to automate individual or collective buildings.

In other words, automation allows you to monitor, coordinate and program the functions of your home to meet your expectations. This is called smart home or home networking.

Flow of information in a home automation system. 

The goal? To enjoy unmatched comfort, increase safety for your family, save energy, simplify your everyday life... Quickly discover the 6 essential benefits of home automation.

More than the traditional electrical installation

A home automation system is not designed in the same way as traditional electrical installations. The technical implementation is different.

KNX bus network The installation of a home automation system consists of two networks:

  • A wired bus network that connects sensors (switches, sensors, detectors) to actuators (lighting, shutters, heating...)
  • A supply network that connects actuators to strong current.

For reliability reasons, we have chosen not to work in radio frequency (wireless), except for very specific cases related to the topology of the building (e.g. a switch on a bay window). For this reason, we prefer to work in major renovations or new constructions.

Pro-Domotic works primarily with the KNX standard. KNX is a global standard for the control of homes and buildings. This standard provides high reliability, freedom in the choice of equipment, and durable installations.

Using the KNX standard in a home automation system offers several advantages:

  • Reduced electrical wiring. You will not have a cable for each equipment, but a general cable for all the equipment.
  • Improved reliability in the transmission of information and installation.
  • Local and remote monitoring.
  • Scalability of the system at any time.
  • Choosing from more than 300 manufacturers.

For all these reasons, not an electrician but an integrator who knows about computers, telecommunications and the market is the one who should install your home automation system. 

Support from A to Z

Pro-Domotic’s strongest asset is to offer a complete service: initial study, installation, configuration, support and monitoring, integrating the work of an electrician, an installer, an integrator and an automation expert.

We offer several years of experience with multinational companies in the fields of IT and telecommunications.

We can also work as integrators with your electrician or specialized provider, and with your home automation installer.

We advise you to call us at the beginning of your project for a comprehensive review of your needs. For this study, there will be constant exchange between you and Pro-Domotic. In fact, our experience allows us to offer solutions and ideas to suit your desires and needs, some of which you might not have thought of. Our analysis is based on your architecture and lifestyle.

Your imagination is the only limit!

The result of this study will allow us to offer the most suitable equipment and give you a final quote.

Since it is important to start the installation design from the architectural design stage, we will communicate with your architect and/or interior designer to provide you with materials that are consistent with your design and your plans. We are able to configure tailored devices to adapt better to your desires.

Our experience allows us to provide a durable, reliable, flexible, and robust automation system.


Throughout your project, we will synchronize with your various specialized providers (pool technician, heating, carpenter...) in order to adapt the material to the source, allowing to insert homogeneity in the process of equipment communication.

If you do not know any specialized providers who are familiar with the specifics of home automation and/or who are used to working on « automated » construction sites, Pro-Domotic can suggest some of our trusted partners.

We provide services mainly in Belgium, but also in France, Morocco and Switzerland, countries in which we work in partnership with local automation system electricians.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about home automation systems, and we will get back to you without delay.

Pro-Domotic, Your Home Automation System.