Home Automation: Alarms

Note: Home automation is not an approved alarm system.

The various sensors (presence, temperature, light, door opening...) are used to send alerts, start the cameras and recordings (this is in addition to an alarm system).


home automation alarm

Thanks to various sensors in your home, we install an alert system. If there’s a movement after you have set the system, a recording starts automatically. You will be notified about any unusual event different from your usual life setting. In addition, you will receive an alert on your smartphone in real time, as well as the recording made.

You can leave your home with a peace-of-mind.


home automation alarm alert

Together with you, we will create life scenarios for your alarm systems:

Example 1: The lights go off when the alarm system is set and when activated, the lights are turned on, and the shutters are closed.

Example 2: if an intruder comes in, the outside lights can be turned on automatically, close the shutters, and send the recorded video to your smartphone...

These life scenarios usually incorporate other application areas: lighting, heating, pool...

Energy Saving

You will be able to set up specific alerts to notify you of events likely to increase your energy consumption: temperature too high, water leakage, oil tank level too low...


As mentioned above, you will be notified in real time in case of intrusion into your home in your absence, or of any unusual event.

A home automation system allows you to define time slots for user-based access codes (e.g. domestic help cannot open your door on Thursday between 8 and 18h). 


Sensors (temperature, motion, brightness...) can be discreetly integrated into a single device, in order not to be discordant with your interior design.