Home Automation & Comfort

A home automation system will allow you to enjoy a better quality of lighting and unparalleled thermal comfort.

How? Facilitating the centralization of orders. You will be able to remotely control all the devices in your home.

With a home automation system, your home fits your needs and your desires.

Lighting & Electricity

Home Automation Comfort lighting electricity KNXWith home automation, you will be able to simply press a button to vary the light intensity of a room depending on the desired ambiance, and to check all your electrical equipment remotely.

A home automation system offers the possibility to imagine dozens of scenarios for every moment of your daily life. You may decide that in the morning when you get up, you want a soft light in the room, the lights to be turned on at the same time in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as well as in the rooms of your children.

Your imagination is the only limit!


Home Automation Multimedia Multiroom video projector beamer installationNo more searching through your shelves to find the DVD you want to see tonight. You will be able to access your entire media library on your smartphone or tablet and make a search. Then you can start your movie on your TV or other display (tablet, smartphone, projector...).

Your movies, music, videos and family photos will follow you from room to room.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Home Automation heating air conditioningThere’s nothing worse than coming back from the holidays into a cold home... With your home automation system, you can enjoy a pleasant warmth in your house when you get home.

A home automation system will allow you to manage your various heat sources in a simple and intuitive way. You will receive a nice warmth (or coolness) in every room of your home.


Home Automation poolEnjoy a constant temperature in your pool; anticipate your desires in your sauna... Sometimes it is frustrating to have to wait to enjoy your relaxation area. Your home automation system will allow you to monitor and manage temperature, water quality, the levels of chlorine and pH... all from your smartphone and/or tablet. If you would like to enjoy the sauna after a particularly tiring day at work, you just need to turn it on from your workplace and it will be ready when you get home. 


Home Automation alarmWith our alarm system, you can leave your home with a peace of mind. You will be notified in real time of any intrusion, any changes in the flow of your water system, and any unusual increase or decrease in temperature... 

Shutters & Gates

Home Automation shutters gates installationWith your home automation system, you will no longer need to go around the house to close all the shutters. You will do it from your smartphone and/or tablet via the system’s management interface.

If your gate is connected to your home automation system, you will not need your remote control. Your gate can be opened from your smartphone and/or when you approach it with the geolocation system built in your smartphone.