Home Automation & Energy Saving

With your home automation system, you can monitor your energy consumption to control your spending and optimize consumption while keeping your comfort.

Thanks to an energy dashboard, you will be able to view the consumption of various equipment: electricity, water, gas, solar, and heating; and you can forecast the consumption of the following weeks.

Lighting & Electricity

Home Automation energy saving electricity lighting KNXDo you often argue about who left the light on in the room? Do you often forget to set your various electrical appliances to standby mode? With your home automation system, you can control everything with one touch on a touch screen.

Your home automation system will also allow you to automate your home’s lighting based on pre-established lives scenarios. Are you going on vacation? Simply press the « Holidays » button and all your lights and appliances will be turned off and on automatically at certain times of the day (to simulate a presence, for example). 

Heating & Air Conditioning

Home Automation energy saving heating air conditioningAgain, the possibilities are endless! You will have constant access to your consumption of oil or gas. So, you can easily identify if there is too much use in certain rooms or at certain times of the day.

You will be able to manage your double-flow system and only activate it when a certain threshold of CO2 is detected. 


Home Automation energy saving poolTo maintain water quality in your pool, it must be filtered regularly, which can lead to greater power consumption. With your home automation system, you can start filtering based on water temperature.

We do not always remember to close the pool during the day or at night to avoid evaporation. You can decide to close the shutter automatically when evaporation exceeds a certain threshold. The planet and your wallet will thank you.