Home Automation: Heating & Air Conditioning

A home automation system will allow you to control any type of heat source.

Pro-Domotic works with a thermostat per room, which allows you to set a specific temperature in every room of your home. You can control the level of your oil tank and your daily consumption of oil or gas.

Discover the benefits of home automation for heating and cooling your home.


home automation heating airconditioning comfort

You can choose from different temperature modes:

  • Comfort Temperature (day)
  • Reduced Temperature (night)
  • Economic Temperature (in case of a short absence, e.g. workdays)
  • Frost Protection Temperature (in case of long absences, e.g. holidays)

Home automation will manage 2 different heating sources and 1 cooling source:

  • Underfloor Heating
  • Supplemental Heat
  • Air Conditioning

Another advantage of home automation is the possibility to manage, for large rooms, 2 different temperatures in the same room.

Suppose you are watching a movie in your living room and no one is in the kitchen, which is in the same room of the house; home automation can automatically switch the thermostat from the kitchen to the living room thermostat. 


home automation heating airconditioning

As in other application fields, we can develop life scenarios.

Example 1: The heating will be set to comfort mode automatically when you’re home, to economic mode for short absences (workdays), and to frost protection mode for long absences (holidays).

Example 2: Without leaving your couch, you can turn on the heating in your bathroom a few minutes before the end of a movie.

Of course, –and this is valid for all scenarios– you may, at any time, regain control of your equipment.

These life scenarios generally integrate other application areas: lighting, alarms, pool... 

Energy Saving

home automation heating airconditioning energy saving

Through your dashboard, you will be able to monitor and control your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly energy consumption.

A good way to involve all family members in the battle against energy waste.

Since we install a smart thermostat per room, you will be able to heat the desired room at the appropriate time according to inertia of different equipment.

Through contacts placed on your windows, heating is automatically turned off or adapted when a window is open.

You can also monitor your photovoltaic panels:

  • Real-time monitoring of correct operation
  • Recording and storing daily, monthly or yearly data
  • Graphical display of data

In low-energy houses, the most energy-consuming device is double-flow ventilation. Home automation will allow you to activate it only at a certain CO2 level and achieve great savings. 


home automation heating airconditioning security

We will be able to integrate temperature sensors to switches in order to send alerts if the temperature reaches an unusual level.

This function is very useful for rooms that contain electronic equipment or objects, which cannot withstand extreme temperatures.


  • You have a refrigerated wine cellar, which must remain at constant temperature. You will receive an alert on your smartphone whenever there is a sudden change in temperature. 


Pro-Domotic incorporates thermostats and temperature sensors in switches. Heat control is done from the technical area, which allows us not to have thermostatic valves.

You will not see the thermostats or thermostatic valves, which can sometimes be unsightly in an interior.