Home Automation: Lighting & Electricity

We can install any type of electrical and lighting installation and advise you on the various options available to you, based on your desires and your decoration (in collaboration with your interior designer).

We will also help you choose the correct lighting for your intended use (not all LEDs can vary in intensity). Our experience will help you avoid common mistakes.

Discover the benefits of home automation for lighting and electricity.


home automation configuration confort

You can easily vary light intensity in a room depending on brightness and your desired ambiance. The color temperature can be changed, through a touch panel, to create lighting for different moods.

There is nothing like starting the day with a nice smell of coffee... With your home automation system, you can start your coffee machine and all your electrical equipment remotely.


home automation automation life scenario installation

Pro-Domotic provides advice and helps you develop life scenarios. These scenarios will allow you, among other things, to combine different lighting at different times.


  • Reading Mode: White light, medium intensity
  • Family Meal Mode: White light, more intensity above the table
  • Cinema Mode: Very low light
  • Barbecue Mode: main light on the terrace, dimmed inside

In addition to all that, you can also turn off everything in your home with just a press of a button from your smartphone... forget about those arguments over who forgot to turn off the lights!

These life scenarios generally integrate other application areas: multimedia, heating, alarms... 

Energy Saving

Home automation allows you to easily manage power consumption with instant access to your energy dashboard. Real-time visualization of the use of different electrical devices will allow you to act on energy saving.

The goal? Energy efficiency in your home:

  • Turn your appliances to standby mode at night or when you leave the house.
  • Turn off the lights when there is no one in a room.
  • Possibility to use the most energy-consuming equipment during less costly periods.
  • Measure the daylight in order to achieve optimum light intensity in indoor rooms.


home automation security

In order to allow you to leave your home with a peace-of-mind, we can turn on the light with the arrival of an intruder or simulate life scenarios during your absences.

But security also means turning on the light above the stairs when you get up during the night or turning on the outside lights when approaching your home (e.g. through geolocation). 


In addition to being practical and improving comfort in your daily life, home automation allows you to beautify your home.

The various switches and sockets we work with can be custom designed and configured to match your interior decoration.

With LED technology, you can create atmospheres of different colors in different rooms of your home and outside.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on the best way to integrate the equipment in your home.