Home Automation: Multimedia

Pro-Domotic installs and helps you choose all the multimedia equipment necessary for proper functioning of your system and according to your budget.

Enjoy a multimedia installation in any room of your home without having to change the CD or miss a crucial moment of a movie with home automation, and all this via your smartphone or tablet!

Discover the benefits of home automation for your multimedia equipment.


home automation multimedia installation comfort

Do not miss a single moment of your favorite movie or song. With home automation, sound and image can follow you from room to room.

Just as for lighting, you can determine a volume suited to a life scenario (low volume music during meals).

In addition, thanks to the NFC technology, simply place your smartphone on the NFC tag to find:

  • The last radio station you listened to, and your pre-selected volume
  • The last TV channel you watched


home automation living scenario configuration installation

Pro-Domotic helps you develop life scenarios.

For example, you would like to create a scenario for barbecue meals with friends during a football match.

And by simply pressing a button, you can:

  • Determine when the music will be turned off and replaced by the TV
  • At that specific moment, have the sound of the TV in every room of the house, so you don’t miss a goal.
  • …Imagination is the only limit!

These life scenarios generally integrate other application areas: lighting, heating, alarms...


You can hold your entire media library in your hands: your movies, music, videos and photos will be centralized on a media server.

You can start a movie, view your photos and/or put music on any multimedia device in your home (smartphone, TV, tablet...) with a single click. Your media library is accessible from anywhere (from your vacation home, at your friends’...).


We work with the best suppliers and –based on your request– we can hide the speakers completely. But our partners also offer speakers designed to match the design of your home.