Home Automation & Multimedia

You will have a multiroom (or « multizone ») system. A multiroom system consists of a set of elements (speaker, music server, touch screen,...) that will allow you to control and distribute your movies, music, photos to every room of your home.

Lighting & Electricity

home automation multimedia multiroom electricity KNXTo get you in the mood for a movie night, you will be able to dim your lights or change their color when you start a movie. All you’ll need now is the popcorn to enjoy a true movie night!


home automation multimedia multiroom beamer installation home cinemaIn addition to having access to your entire media library on your smartphone and tablet, you can:

  • Save your computer data
  • Have remote access to your computers


home automation multimedia multiroom pool Enjoy a moment of true relaxation from your pool, your spa or your sauna by directly accessing your entire media library. You will be able to manage everything from your smartphone and play some music wherever you wish at your desired volume.