Home Automation: Pool

A home automation system will allow you to:

  • Automate management of your pool temperature
  • Manage the level of chlorine and pH
  • Manage the backwash automatically
  • Manage and optimize the cleanliness of water through the filtration system
  • Automate lighting and shutters

You will be able to manage all your relaxation space in the same way: spa, jacuzzi, sauna...

Discover the benefits of home automation for your pool and relaxation areas. 


home automation pool comfort lighting

You will be able to check the temperature of your pool water at a glance, monitor and adapt this temperature to suit your needs.

How about a nice sauna when coming home back from work? By just pressing a button, you can turn it on so that it is hot when you get home.

Anticipation: One of the strengths of automation. 


home automation pool automation Ph Cl temperature shutter

We can advise you on scenarios to implement for your pool and relaxation areas.

Example 1: It’s a beautiful day, you invited friends over for dinner and it usually ends in the pool. By pressing a button, you can open the shutter, turn on the lights, put on some music and adjust the temperature of the pool.

Example 2: Through a sensor, the pool will be filled automatically when evaporation is too high.

These life scenarios usually incorporate other application areas: lighting, heating, alarms... 

Energy Saving

home automation pool energy savingWith your home automation system, you can filter your pool depending on water temperature, manage the opening of the shutter in case of excessive evaporation and control the temperature. 


You will be able to verify in real time the chlorine and pH levels in your pool, and act in case of over or under-levels.

Note: Devices installed by Pro- Domotic do not ensure security of people.


Your entire media library (music, movie, photo, and video) is available from your pool or relaxation areas.


Thanks to LED technology, you can vary the color of the water depending on the desired poolside ambiance, in your jacuzzi, spa or sauna.