Home Automation: Shutters & Gates

A home automation system allows you to manage the opening and closing of your gates, rolling shutters, and all your engine-powered systems. Discover the benefits of home automation for your shutters and gates.


home automation shutters gates installation

Thanks to geolocation, your gate may open when you approach your home.

You are in the living room and the sun is blinding you? The blinds are automatically activated to provide shade and their slats are adjusted to optimize the level of the day depending on sun’s position. 


home automation shutters gates automation

As with all application areas of automation, we will advise you on life scenarios to develop and match your lifestyle.

Example 1: You turn on the light in the bathroom and the shutters are closed automatically to protect you from any prying eyes.

Example 2: Your gate and your roller shutters open when you approach your home thanks to geolocation of your smartphone.

These life scenarios usually incorporate other application areas: lighting, heating, pool... 

Energy Saving

You will be able to reduce the use of artificial light maximizing heat gain in winter and minimizing the energy used for cooling in summer.


home automation shutters gates

A home automation system allows you to define time slots for user-based access codes (e.g. domestic help cannot open your door on Thursday between 8 and 18h).

It is also possible to send you a photo of the person who comes to your home and talk to the person via your smartphone.

In case of intrusion, during your absence, your shutters will close automatically to prevent any burglary or evil act.


With a home automation system any hanging, hanging down or tangling closing and opening systems such as cables, engines and control systems will be hidden.