Electrician & Home Automation Integrator

At Pro-Domotic, we are electricians, installers, and integrators.

What does an integrator do?

installateur domotique électricien domoticien intégrateur bureau d'étude

A KNX integrator specializes in comprehensive solutions where different techniques are combined and controlled through KNX. An integrator’s job includes:

  • establishing an integration study based on a needs analysis
  • developing a structured execution record, including proper budgeting
  • programming KNX components
  • integrating all possible techniques
  • performing tests and verifications
  • providing after-sale service
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What does an electrician/installer do?

Electricien installateur domotique domoticien The electrician/installer plays an important role in the KNX integration process, both in electrical engineering and in sanitary, heating, security, air conditioning, audio, video, access control, etc.