Home Automation & Security

A home automation system will allow you to prevent risks coming from outside (intrusion, burglary) and from inside (domestic accidents).

You can remotely monitor your home from your smart phone, tablet or computer and be notified of any unusual events by SMS and/or email.

Lighting & Electricity

Home Automation Security lighting electricity KNXDuring your absence, in case of intrusion or an unusual event, you can request that all your lights (interior and exterior) be activated.

But security is also there when you are present: automatic switching of lights in the stairwell at night, warning systems according to well-defined life scenarios...

Heating & Air Conditioning

Home Automation Security heating air conditioningDo you own electronic equipment of high value? Do you have a refrigerated wine cellar? You will be able to develop a warning system to be notified when the temperature rises or falls in an unusual way. 


Home Automation Security poolImagine you leave your house for a long weekend and when you’re back, your pool is dirty, cloudy... well, no diving for you!

Your home automation system will allow you to check and adjust in real time the levels of chlorine and pH of your pool. Plus, you can automate the duration of the filtration function based on water temperature. Now, there’s some diving for you!


Home Automation Security alarmYou’ll be able to imagine many life scenarios that will allow you to receive alerts on your smartphone or your email in case of intrusion, change of status, a broken glass, a door open, a change of temperature... 

Shutters & Gates

Home Automation Security shutters gateShutters protect your home in your absence. But sometimes you might forget to close them when leaving your home and you will only realize it on the road...

A home automation system will allow you to automate and close the shutters when you leave home. But that’s not all! You will be able to define life scenarios that will allow you to simulate a presence by closing and opening the shutters to pre-set times when you are away.