Our Certifications

Pro-Domotic is more than KNX certified we are also KNX professionals. 

KNX is a protocol that enables all types of equipment and systems in an electrical installation (heating, cooling, lighting...) to communicate with each other. In the technical management of buildings and habitats, KNX is recognized as a global standard and the unique international standard (ISO/IEC14543-3) used by more than one hundred manufacturers of thousands of products. KNX can be used with more than 300 brands.


KNX is the basis for all uses in the field of automation in all areas of application:

  • Energy Management (control of peak hours, recording data...)
  • Lighting (central control switch and dimmer, light scenarios...)
  • Shading, control of shutters and blinds (centralized control, sun position, air renewal...)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (electric heating, automatic and optimal heat control...)
  • Automation and remote access (remote control from anywhere, programming by time...)
  • Use, display and visualization (simplified visualization, touch screen and panel, web servers...)
  • Security (surveillance, alarm alerts, presence simulation, unusual events signaling...).

3 main advantages of the KNX protocol:

  • Durability: KNX is an open standard with more than 300 manufacturers. In case of default of one of them, it is always possible to find a corresponding item from another supplier (sensor, switch, dimmer...). What about a single-line manufacturer (Niko)? What about a proprietary protocol. Think about the future of a protocol… in 20 years
  • Scalability: you can start with a basic home automation system and... since it is an open protocol, there will be an unlimited choice in sensors (soil moisture, weather station). If new applications come out, with KNX we will find the element that will give us the functionality of this new element (talking with the fridge, washing machine...).
  • Reliability: With KNX, there are several controllers, there’s no centralized intelligence, and no loss of basic functions if one equipment fails. The standard anticipates any eventual risk of blackouts. Recovery after a power outage = native in the standard as it comes from the industrial world.

Pro-Domotic is a retailer of Lifedomus and has privileged contacts with its members.

Lifedomus is a software for home automation and audio/video control; in other words, a supervisor open to every protocol. It is:

  • 100% customizable
  • 100% aesthetic
  • 100% ergonomic

Main advantages of Lifedomus:

  • Universal,
  • Multimedia,
  • Audio/Video Multiroom (Nuvo, Sonos, Dune...),
  • Multi-Protocol (KNX, MyHome, EnOcean...),
  • Multi-Users,
  • Multi-Interfaces (Windows, Mac OS, Android, Iphone and Ipad).

For more information, you can download the information booklet.


Pro-Domotic is Qbus certified.

Qbus is a Belgian home automation system, easy to install and configure by an electrical installer and easy to control by end users. Qbus develops and sells hardware and software that improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. 

Pro-Domotic is partnered with Apart.

Apart is an audio, multiroom equipment provider (speakers, amplifiers...). Its products are unique and meet the needs of consumers.

Pro-Domotic is Prince2 Practitioner certified.

Prince2 is a structured project management and certification method, which focuses on 3 main points:

  • Organization
  • Management
  • Project Control

This method is used and recognized internationally as Best Practice and became a de-facto standard for organizing, managing and controlling all types of projects. It subdivides the project in phases, providing effective control of resources and improved response and adaptability to change. Being « product-based », project planning is focused on delivering results, not only on the implementation of activities.

This method also takes into account changing environmental factors that may influence the project’s success.